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Sister Soldiers. The NABMW is constantly being contacted by various media personnel (TV,
newspapers, magazines, authors, schools, colleges etc...) for information about Black Military Women who have served and are serving in the U. S. military.  As we are contacted, we will be posting their request below.  So, we ask all military women to visit our site frequently and assist these researchers in "TELLING YOUR STORY".
Researchers.  If you are looking for information on Black Military Women or would like to post your information on our web site, please contact us by using the contact button. 

Erin Winters Ulloa, Ph.D. Psychology,

Subject:  Male Veteran Reasearch Participants Wanted!




Researchers at the Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University School of Medicine are conducting a study that will look at the link between mood symptoms and prostate cancer screening among United States male veterans. 


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VA Boston Healthcare System, 150 S. Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02130, 857-364-6364



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Subject: Stories celebrating feminine strengths of  character of extraordinary women we call "Iron Butterflies". 

Iron Butterflies are exceptional women who's lives exemplify at least one of seven traits: Compassion, Courage, Faith, Friendship, Loyalty, Patience & Persistence. I would imagine that there must  be a great many Iron Butterflies in an organization like the National Association of Black Military Women.  I am looking for stories about ordinary women who once were "caterpillars,” have metamorphosed and now fly in life as an Iron Butterfly. The purpose of  the book is to inspire & motivate women, especially those in the metamorphose stage. If you know a woman whose Iron Butterfly story needs to be told and would like to submit a story to be considered for publication in our book please go to and review our submission guidelines.  I can be contacted at
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Subject:  WWII nurses and Ft Huachuca on behalf of Annelys Jones (Troop 662)
I'm writing on behalf of my daughter, a cadet Girl Scout.  She is seeking information on nurses who attended basic training at Fort Huachuca, AZ, during WWII.  A requisite for a Women's History project was to research places named after women.  She searched all the museums (3) on the installation and enlisted the assistance of one of the installation's historians. They came to the conclusion nothing on the installation was named after a woman.  Currently, there is new construction on the installation and the potential for new place names exists.  My daughter's goal is to present a list of female veterans' names to the installation/garrison commander.  As we understand it, the criteria is that the veteran must be deceased and must have a verifiable association with the installation.  We
would appreciate any information or possible leads you may have. (The names of any female veterans, not just nurses from WWII, that meet criteria are also welcome.)  Contact Susan Glandon at Email:
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Subject:  Letters from African American Women who served in the military
I am an NYU professor and am in the final stages of compiling a collection of letters for a book that will explore African American life over the past three centuries.  I just learned of your organization and would love to include letters from African American women who have served in the military.
 Contact Pamela Newkirk at Email:
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Subject: Attention Female Veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan (OIF/OEF)

A research study examining potential barriers to mental health access is being  conducted by Dr. Gina Owens,  department of Psychology, the University of  Tennessee-Knoxville. The online survey assesses mental health needs and difficulties encountered in accessing mental health services. Questions also  ask about combat exposure and possible experiences of sexual harassment or assault during military service. If you are a female veteran of Iraq and/or Afghanistan who is 18 years or older, you are eligible to participate.  The survey is anonymous and takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.  If you would like to participate in this research study, please  click on the following hypertext link
Contact:  Gina P. Owens at Universityof Tennessee, Department of Psychology, 410B Austin Peay Bldg, Knoxville, TN 37996-0900, Office: 865-974-2204, Fax: 865-974-3330, E-mail:
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Subject:  Experiences of Women serving or served in the Gulf Wars. 

Dr. Moore is a Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York, Buffalo.  A Presidential Appointee to the American Battle Monuments Commission, she served on active duty for six years in  the U.S. Army in the United States and Europe. Ms Moore is also  the author of the  "To Serve My Country to Serve My Race": The  Story of the Only African American WACs Stationed Overseas During World War II.  She is currently writing her second book on  the lives of Military Women's experiences in the Gulf Wars.   Dr. Benda Moore is also a chartered member of the NABMW. Please go to our web site for more contact information.
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Elizabeth F. Desnoyers-Colas, PHD, Major (Retired)
US Air Force, Assistant Professor, Communication-Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, Ga.
Subject: Book :  Marching as To War: Personal Narratives of African American Women’s Gulf War Experiences
This oral history gathering project’s ultimate goal is to highlight the lives of a conglomerate of African American servicewomen who represent all facets of professional, sociological, and interpersonal experiences black women typify through their Gulf Wars service.The book’s most important element features stories of black women who will candidly and poignantly share their Gulf War experiences be able to tell their stories in such a way that their revelations readily resonate with other African American women and others who serve or have served their country in any type of military conflict.  If you have served in the Gulf War please contact Dr. Desnoyers-Colas and “Tell Your Story.  Email:
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Subject:  WAAC/WACs who served in World War II 
I am writing a book and would like to interview African-American veterans about their experiences growing up and their service in WWII.
Please contact me at (904) 725-2961 or Email: 

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