The National Association of

Black Military Women 
(formerly known as Black WAAC, WAC, Women in Service)





A group of women (our founders) who served in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) and Women's Army Corps (WAC) during World War II, Korean and Vietnam Wars met in Hampton, Virginia in 1976.  They such a wonderful time meeting new and old sister soldiers that they decided to locate and invite other former service women to a first formal reunion that was held in Dallas, Texas in 1978. The group was called "The Black WAAC, WAC, Women in Service".  Ever since, the group has held Biennial reunions.  To insure that all women in all services were invited to join it was decided at the 1974 Biennial reunion to have the group officially chartered.  In 1997 group  was chartered under the new name of   "The National Association of Black Military Women (formerly the Black WAAC. WAC, Women in the Service)".

Listed below are all the reunion locations and their themes:

Hampton Virginia (1976)   Lest We Forgot
Dallas, Texas (1978) Under Peaceful Skies
Los Angeles, California (1980)     Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Detroit, Michigan (1982) Spanning The Decades
Atlanta, Georgia (1984) Pioneers11!0!,Pioneers
Washington, D.C. (1986)   

On The Leading Edge Of Change

New York City, New York (1988)    We Are One
Fort McClellan, Alabama (1990)  Mini Reunion
Orlando, Florida (1992)  Keep The Heritage Alive
San Antonio, Texas (1994)  

We Were There, We Are Here
and We Are Going On

San Francisco, California (1996)  

Visions Of The Past, Present and Future

Atlanta, Georgia (1998)    "To Tell Herstory" and Tell It We Will
Chicago, Illinois (2000)  "Women Warriors" Sacrificing To Serve
Norfolk, Virginia (2002)    

"Sentimental Journey"
(Back Home To
Hampton Roads)

Ft Des Moines, Iowa (2004) 

"Standing On Their Shoulders",
(We Could Not Have/
Would Not Have Done It  Without Them)

Kansas City, Kansas (2006) Women Warriors
Las Vegas, Nevada (2008)

Nothing More To Prove

Savannah, Georgia  (2010) 

Yes We Have, Yes We Can, Yes We Will

Charleston, South Carolina (2012)

We Are The Future That Began Yesterday

 Phoenix, Arizona (2014) One Step at a Time, One Story at a Time, One Success at a Time
New York City, NY (2016)  Black Military Women Rock